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I am a second-generation photographer, which comes as no surprise to me. When I was young, my father taught me to see beauty where others might not. During walks it was not uncommon for him (with camera in hand) to break the silence and say, “Will you look at this! This is just too perfect not to take a picture of”. I have vivid childhood memories of spending time in my father’s darkroom watching the pictures appear on the white sheets of paper- his large hands handling each picture with tenderness and love. Today when I see my final image, I feel the same pride and excitement he felt.

Although I feel I was destined to become a photographer, I did not take a direct route. I am Latvian by birth but I consider myself a nomad. Growing up, I lived and studied in a handful of Scandinavian and European countries. In my twenties, I traveled, studied languages, and worked in the field of Education – with photography always as a hobby. My passion for photography has turned a hobby into a profession.

Currently, I live in Northern California with my husband and two children. When I am not shooting portraits, I enjoy recording events for community organizations – anything that allows me to capture people enjoying their passions.

Thank you for your interest in Kristine Stepping Photography. I look forward to capturing your important moments.

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